The Discipleship Course

We are excited to announce the launch of The Discipleship Course, a six session course, aiming to give a basic, biblical overview.

Written by Dr Lucy Peppiatt & Dr Matthew Lynch of WTC, The Discipleship Course booklet is designed for those who have made a commitment to Jesus Christ and are now Christians.  It is an introduction to the Christian faith, and was written to give new Christians an understanding of their new identity, their history, their scriptures, and their future.

Some words in the Christian church and in leadership matter more than others, and some of those words have massive implications. Discipleship is one of those terms, and in this book by Lucy Peppiatt and Matt Lynch we are treated to a biblically-sound and theologically-sophisticated understanding of discipleship. Most importantly, all of it is boiled down to the kind of clarity that makes it useful for all new Christians. This is a great place to begin learning about discipleship. – Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight – Author & Theologian

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