Kingdom Theology Events 2018

WTC Explore provides you with an opportunity to go deeper into the Bible, grow in your faith, and integrate quality teaching with life in the Spirit.

WTC is hosting a number of Kingdom Theology Events in various locations around the UK. These are exciting days for any Christian looking to go deeper in their faith. During each event there is an optional forum for those who wish to learn more about studying with WTC.

Our dates for our 2018 Kingdom Theology Events are:

Northern Ireland – Lucy Peppiatt – 22nd February 2018 (Full Details)

South London – Matt Lynch – 24th February 2018 (Full Details)

Bristol – Matt Lynch – 17th March 2018 (Full Details)

Stockholm – Bob Ekblad (New Wine Leadership Conference) – 20th-22nd March 2018 (WTC forum TBC) – Find out more about the conference here.

Cambridge – Lucy Peppiatt – 21st March 2018 (Full Details)

Hampshire – Lucy Peppiatt – 22nd March 2018

East Sussex – Lucy Peppiatt – 27th March 2018 (Full Details)

North East London – Lucy Peppiatt – 24th April 2018 (Full Details)

More dates, full details and how to book will be announced soon.