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WTC delivers its courses throughout the UK in learning and worshipping communities at various locations called Hubs.

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What happens in Hubs?

It is where students…

  • Study locally in a worshipping and learning community
  • Form meaningful relationships with your fellow students

And there is…

  • Time and space to discuss the issues arising in the teaching

They are also where…

  • Vision takes root and is prayed into action

Our Hubs are where the learning community takes shape:

  • Each Hub has a Hub Director who is responsible for facilitating the creation of a worshipping and learning community, as well as offering pastoral care for students.
  • Students meet for lectures, tutorials, worship, and dialogue on a Monday or Tuesday evening.
  • Face-to-face and video-conferenced teaching occur in a community context

WTC Hub Locations

If you are a church leader and are interested in talking to us to find out more about what it would mean to become a partner and host a Hub, please send an email to our Director of Operations.

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