Bristol Events 2019

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Theme: Kingdom Training

Jesus talked more about the “Kingdom” than he talked about anything else combined. It was a priority for him and so it is one for his followers too. Together we will consider some of the key marks of the “Kingdom” as found in the Gospels. At this event we will pay attention to what it might have felt like to be around Jesus and his movement, and how the “Kingdom” he proclaimed is an alternative way of life that continues to unsettle family, politics and religion even as it blesses those things!

Speaker: Dr Stephen Backhouse

Stephen Backhouse opaq

Stephen has a doctorate from the University of Oxford and multiple master’s degrees from McGill University in Montreal and Oxford, where he also did his undergraduate studies in philosophy and theology. Stephen travels extensively. He has lived in the United States, and makes his home in Britain and Canada.

Stephen is the Director and primary teacher of Tent Theology. For over two decades he has been delivering real theology to thousands of Christians around the world in churches, universities, schools, festivals, political party conferences, youth camps, newspapers, magazines, television and podcasts.

Where and When

Where: Woodlands Church, Woodland Rd, Bristol BS8 2AA

When: 10th April 2019
             7:00-9:30 pm

Come and join us for an evening of worship and teaching with WTC’s Dean of Theology for the Local Church, Dr Stephen Backhouse.

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