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Course Fees (2019/20 academic year)

BA (Hons) in Kingdom Theology £3,250 per annum (6 year course, fees subject to revision every 2 years)

CertHE in Kingdom Theology £3,250 per annum (2 years)

Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology £3,250 per annum (2 years)

MA in Kingdom Theology £3,100 per annum (2 years) plus £650 dissertation fee

For more detailed information about fees and what is included, please download our fact sheet here.


How much independent study time will I need to give to the course?

We recommend that you allow for between 5 and 10 hours personal study time per week on top of the time you will spend in your Hub. Some students are able to give much more time than this and others manage on slightly less.

I haven’t written an essay since I was at school / university. What help is available for me?

We have a study skills tutor who provides support and guidance to those students who need it. We include in the first residential an essay writing session giving practical help and advice for essay writing. Fear of essay writing is very common amongst our new students but everything we do is geared up to ensure that you are able to succeed.

Does WTC run any full-time courses?

No. We are committed to developing a model of theological education that encourages people to remain in their own particular context in order that they can stay engaged and outwork their learning in their own life-space.

Can I pick and choose which modules I study?

Not at the moment. There is a choice of streams on the MA programme, but the CertHE, BA and Graduate Diploma offer a fixed curriculum.

I do not have a Hub anywhere near me. Can I still study with you?

The Flexi MA is the only programme that we offer which can be completed without being a part of a local Hub. Being part of a learning and worshipping community is an essential component to all our other courses. In addition, a significant proportion of our teaching is delivered within the Hubs. It is therefore imperative that any student who studies with us is able to commit to the Hub component of our courses. We do not offer any distance learning options.

Can I move Hub locations if my circumstances change during the course?

In most instances, yes. If we have a Hub near you and they are running the course that you were on, then it is easy to move.

Can I transfer credits to and from WTC?

If you have already completed some theological study, you may be eligible to apply for APL (Accreditation of Prior Certified Learning or Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning). APL means that any prior learning may be considered as credit towards your course. For all instances of APL, please discuss your options with the WTC Registrar.

All WTC courses are validated by the University of Chester so any credits you gain during your studies with WTC are transferable to other HE Institutions.

Does WTC offer ordination training?

WTC does not offer formal ordination training in any specific denomination. However, we do have a number of students testing a call to ordination and those who go on to be ordained are able to use their credits at another institution.

What is Kingdom Theology?

We offer degrees in ‘Kingdom Theology’ because at the heart of our study is the belief that Jesus came proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God. Through his life, death, and resurrection, he has brought the reality of the Kingdom to this world. Our study of theology means engaging with a Kingdom that is powerful and transformational. God’s Kingdom means hope for humanity and the earth in salvation, healing, freedom from oppression, reconciliation in relationships, joy, peace, creativity, and untold blessing. The Kingdom touches all aspects of life, and invites us to reimagine our life, work, and mission.

Does WTC offer student bursaries?

Yes. We have two small bursary funds – the Principal’s Bursary Fund which is for those who are either ex-offenders and/or ex-addicts, and a General Bursary Fund. Please click here for more details about each fund and the criteria for applications. We are also eligible to select two students to apply for a grant sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance and funded by the Jerusalem Trust. This scheme is particularly geared towards those in their final year of study, intending to work in full-time pastoral ministry and who have special financial needs. Please read the application criteria carefully. If you think you are eligible to apply for any of these funds, please and we will forward the relevant forms for completion.

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