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You can apply for the WTC General Bursary Fund as part of the main application process. We consider each application on its own merits and will let you know if you have been successful shortly after we receive your application. If you have any questions about making a bursary application, please do get in touch with our Financial Team by email at  or by telephone on 030 0040 6200.

All bursaries are means tested. Applicants will be asked to attach verifiable details of their household income, i.e. copy of bank statements or recent pay-slips, detailing both partners’ income when the applicant is married. The standard eligibility threshold is that household income is under £25,000 pa. However, we know that some potential students (eg, in and around London) have particularly high accommodation costs, so we consider each case individually.

If you can find sources of matched funding your application will be considered more favourably. There are a number of grant making trusts which have supported WTC students in the past. The details for some of these can be found here

Applications will be considered that fulfil the following criteria:

A bursary of up to 40% will be considered for applicants who:

  • can give compelling evidence to show significant disadvantage that is in support of their application, and
  • can demonstrate the source of funding for the balance of the course fees, and/or
  • can demonstrate a source of matched funding


NB: This award will be for one year only. We will accept applications for each year of study but an award in subsequent years of study should not be assumed.

We are currently not able to grant bursaries that automatically extend to the full six years of the BA programme. However, we will accept applications for one year at a time of up to 40% and which fulfil the same criteria as the CertHE detailed above.

A bursary of up to 20% per annum will be considered for any applicant, and all the guidelines above apply. Please note that we will only accept applications for one year at a time.

We are currently unable to offer bursaries for the MA.

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