Studying with WTC is transformative. As our students spend time exploring deep theology, every part of their work, life and mission is impacted. We want to enable students from all financial backgrounds to study with us, so that they can be equipped to become all God means them to be.

A core WTC value is accessibility of our programmes. One way we do this is to keep our fees low so as many students as possible can study with WTC. This means that all students, not just those on bursaries, are subsidised by donors who share WTC’s vision that studying theology in the presence and power of the Spirit is life-changing.

In addition to keeping fees low, we offer two bursaries to our students:

  1.  A means tested bursary (General Bursary Fund),
  2.  The Principal’s Bursary Fund for students with histories of addiction and/or offending.
Could you partner with WTC by becoming a regular donor and helping us achieve this vision and mission?

Ways to support our Students:

1. General Bursary Fund

If you would like to contribute to our General Bursary Fund, which serves our whole students body (on a means-tested basis), then please contact our Head of Finance, Catherine Catto: . This support can really change a student’s life.

2. Principal's Bursary Fund

To contribute to our Principal’s Bursary Fund, please contact Lucy Peppiatt directly: .

As you’ll see from the video below, we are currently fundraising for our Principal’s Bursary Fund, for men and women with a recent history of offending and/or addiction, and whose theological studies with WTC are a part of their recovery and positive life choices. Very few people in the college (staff or students) know who are PBF recipients unless they choose to say. But you can see from Darren’s testimony on the video that studying theology with WTC can be instrumental in totally changing their future.


3. Student Support

If you’d rather help one (or more) students to complete their entire programme, that would be absolutely wonderful too. Please contact Janey to discuss how to do this: . The giving can be anonymous or not as you and the student agree.

4. Give to WTC's General Funds

WTC Giving

Find out more about Regular Giving, Becoming a Patron, Non-cash Giving, and Other ways in which you can support WTC.


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