A core WTC value is accessibility of our programmes. One way we do this is to keep our fees low so as many students as possible can study with WTC. This means that all students, not just those on bursaries, are subsidised by donors who share WTC’s vision that studying theology in the presence and power of the Spirit is life-changing. In addition to keeping fees low, we offer two bursaries to our students:

  1.  One means tested bursary
  2.  The Principal’s Bursary Fund for students with histories of addiction and/or offending.

Studying with WTC is transformative for most WTC students. To enable students from all financial backgrounds to study with WTC and spend time exploring deep theology which will impact every part of their work, life and mission, please consider partnering with WTC as a regular donor and help them recognise and realise equip them to become all God means them to be.

There are a number of ways you can support our current students:

Become a WTC Patron

Drawing on the Biblical model of Patrons who supported both Jesus’ and Paul’s ministries (Lk 8:1-3; Acts 16:15), WTC Patrons commit a giving minimum of £5,000 per year for 3-5 years. In return, they are members of our close intercessory group and meet during the year with our strategic leaders’ group. Please talk to Janey () if changing lives this way appeals to you. 

Give regularly

A monthly standing order of any amount makes a big difference to WTC and to our students as it’s predictable funding, so we can plan on how best to use it. You can either give for something specific (one of our bursary funds) or to general funds. 

Restricted Giving

Regular or one off donations for something specific makes a huge difference. You can always give restricted funding to something of your choice, but from time to time, we have fundraising campaigns for specific things. Please indicate on your gift what you’d like the money to be go to.

As you’ll see from the video below, we are currently fundraising for our Principal’s Bursary Fund, for students with a history of offending or addiction. Very few people in the college (staff or students) know who are PBF recipients unless they choose to say. But you can see from Darren’s testimony on the video that studying theology with WTC can be instrumental in totally changing their future.

Read an inspiring academic article on Prison Reform by Dr. David Patton HERE.

We are also raising money currently for deaf students. We were blessed to have two deaf students who studied with us for 1 year. One would like to continue to do his full BA, and another deaf pastor of a signing congregation had to withdraw last year because he couldn’t find the money for the support needed. We’d love to invite him back for the academic year 2021-22 to start his Graduate Diploma.

The support for one student per year is about £30,000 in England and about £15,000 in N Ireland. Some are eligible for government support while others are not. We had no idea how discriminated against deaf students taking higher ed courses are. (Nearly 1/5th of the UK population (18%) are deaf or hard of hearing). If you’d like to help make theological study available to this group, please consider giving to this fund.

Student Support

If you’d rather help one (or more) students to complete their entire programme, that would be absolutely wonderful too. Please contact Janey to discuss how to do this: . The giving can be anonymous or not as you and the student agree.

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Other ways to give:

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Gift Aid

UK taxpayers: To Gift-Aid your donation follow instructions on this form.

WTC Charity Number: 1123573

Bank Transfer

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Cheque Payments

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