Living The Christian Story

This is a ten-week study of biblical foundations designed for individual and small group use. It provides high-quality academic content at a very accessible level. It is designed for those without prior theological education, some of whom live in places without any quality teaching and interaction available.

It is a starting point for those exploring big questions like, what does it mean to live in faithfulness? Or what does it mean to step out of the boat with Peter? You will hear from different lecturers, each with an expertise in different areas of the biblical narrative.

Course Outline (Click to expand)

Week 1 – Creation

Week 2 – Sin & Redemption

Week 3 – Exodus

Week 4 – Jesus

Week 5 – Holy Spirit

Week 6 – The Early Church

Week 7 – Creeds

Week 8 – A Broken World

Week 9 – The Marketplace

Week 10 – The Finale

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