“Over the years, Ivy’s involvement with WTC has helped catalyse and sustain a leadership culture to train our church leaders, church planters and world changers for the Kingdom. Some of our best leaders in our church are the ones who have studied with WTC, and that is a massive benefit to us.”
Anthony D Manchester
Rev. Anthony Delaney
Lead Pastor, Ivy Church, Manchester

The Manchester Hub meets Monday evenings between 6.30pm and 9.30pm

Ivy Church PartnersThe Manchester Hub is a great Hub, hosted by Ivy Church and meeting at Ladybridge Connect in Cheadle. Ivy is a church that seeks to empower people to serve effectively wherever God places them and they are always prepared to think outside the box and look at different ways of achieving this. We’ve already seen the impact of WTC programmes on many people in the region and are excited that Ivy have made this their training of choice for their leaders and believe it is ideal for absolutely anyone seeking to go deeper with God.

The Hub currently has students from a wide variety of backgrounds working in churches, hospitals, education, business or retired. They come from all over the North West: Liverpool to Sheffield and Stoke to Leeds! We look forward to welcoming more students to become part of this vibrant learning community.

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The programmes on offer at our Manchester Hub:

Hub Director:

Mary Thomason

Mary MANC HD_01

Mary Thomason

I fell in love with theology during my studies many years ago, and remain as passionate today as I was then – perhaps even more so. For me theology is deep breaths of fresh air, vibrant colour, healing balms, vast and open spaces and a rucksack packed full for the journey. I have both a BA and MA in theology and have enjoyed working out how my studies impact my choices and how I live out my faith. This has comprised leading in various ministry settings, management in both faith and secular organisations, study Bible contributions, pioneering worship spaces – and much more.

I love people and I love the presence of God, so developing community and creating spaces where people can sink deeply into their faith in God are essential for me. I am excited to be leading the Manchester Hub as we create a worshipping and learning community together. Whatever your context, denomination, background or your questions – theology is for you. My experience was that I opened the doors of the storehouses and found they were rich with treasure, why don’t you join us and see what you discover?

If you have any questions, or just want to find out more please get in touch. I’m always more than happy to chat – in person or online – but the coffee tastes better when I’m buying!


Ladybridge Connect

Off Meadway Road
Cheadle Hulme

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