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Theological Miscellany is a blog by WTC faculty and friends where we post a variety of theological reflections on scripture, life, culture, politics, society, gender, and pretty much anything. WTC attracts a whole range of people as students and a wide range of faculty from around the world with different interests and theological leanings. What draws us all together is our commitment to a Christ-centred theology, taught in a Spirit-led fashion in partnership with the local church. We’re committed to serving the church by teaching theology that equips the whole people of God for life, discipleship, and mission. We are a college for anyone and everyone. It’s an exciting venture.

Theological Miscellany is just a place where we can post our latest thoughts and reflections, write about what we’re working on, or what we’re teaching on, as well as hosting a variety of contributors. Not everything you find on this blog will reflect all our own values at WTC. It will be a place of discussion and debate, and a place to hear a variety of voices.


16th December 2020

by: Dr. Lucy Peppiatt

When one of my boys was little he announced, ‘I know why God was mean in the Old Testament and nice in the New Testament.’ ‘Why’s that?’ I asked. ‘Because in the Old Testament, he didn’t have a mummy.’ Interesting thought […]

11th December 2020

by: Dr. Steve Watts

“British historians write almost as if Britain had introduced Negro slavery solely for the satisfaction of abolishing it.” This bitter observation, made by the noted historian and first prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Eric Williams, appears in the final pages of Christer Petley’s superb White Fury […]

23rd November 2020

by: Alain Emerson

The Holy Spirit is the one who ushers in the Kingdom of God. That Kingdom is present, although often hidden, in the church. The Holy Spirit is the one through whom God actively loves us in time. The Spirit is the way that the Trinity is revealed to us, pointing us always to the truth embodied in the Crucified, and leading us to the Father. []

20th October 2020

by: Revd Azariah France-Williams

There is a myth that black West Indians were invited by the U.K government after WW2 to help rebuild the shattered British landscape. In fact, the government was not willing to have members of the Islands come over. […]

11th May 2020

by: Catherine Delve

Ever since I was a child, I’ve known something of the power of praise. Praise was a default after my dad walked out, albeit after 24 hours once the initial shock had passed. It seemed something of a rebellious act—my own small act of rebellion in the face of disaster and grief.[]

30th March 2020

(This is a 3-part blog series) We all have ways of dealing with a crisis. Mine, as my family will tell you, is to become even more controlling; I set up routines, rotas, and rhythms – pretty much straightaway. I even clean! It makes me feel so much better. One of my sons said his first response is to go to comfort food and video games.[]

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3rd October 2016

Crossway reversed its decision to fix the ESV, leaving open the window for revision. The most controversial translation change in the now non-Permanent 2016 ESV edition is Gen 3:16b, which reads as follows: []

16th September 2019

I recently received a letter from a woman explaining to me how she had been on a journey out of complementarianism, what that had meant for her, her relationship with God, the women around her, and her marriage []

14th October 2015

It may come as a surprise that some specific teachings on showing love toward enemies appear only in the Old Testament. The Wisdom books warn hearers not to rejoice when enemies face disaster (e.g., Prov 24:17; Job 31:29; cf. Oba 1:12). Proverbs—and we have to remember that these were ‘popular sayings’ []

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    Transforming people through life-giving theology in the presence and power of the Spirit.