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TheoDisc is a podcast by WTC faculty and friends where we present theological ideas in an accessible way that will hopefully stimulate you to pursue your own theological learning and ultimately to deepen your faith. It is a place of discussion and debate, and a place to hear a variety of voices. We do hope you enjoy listening!

Welcome to Theological Miscellany (TheoMisc)

Theological Miscellany is a blog where we post a variety of theological reflections on scripture, life, culture, politics, society, gender, and pretty much anything. WTC attracts a whole range of people as students and a wide range of faculty from around the world with different interests and theological leanings. What draws us all together is our commitment to a Christ-centred theology, taught in a Spirit-led fashion in partnership with the local church. We’re committed to serving the church by teaching theology that equips the whole people of God for life, discipleship, and mission. We are a college for anyone and everyone. It’s an exciting venture.

Theological Miscellany is just a place where we can post our latest thoughts and reflections, write about what we’re working on, or what we’re teaching on, as well as hosting a variety of contributors. Not everything you find on this blog will reflect all our own values at WTC. It will be a place of discussion and debate, and a place to hear a variety of voices.


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28th November 2022

by: Tobias Siegenthaler

In this conversation, we look at how developing awareness of the interplay in the Bible between New Testament and Hebrew scriptures with regards to literary and narrative links and how reading with this in mind can open our eyes to fresh ways of understanding the text for our world […]

4th May 2022

by: Janey Lawry-White and Press Red

Rosemary Hack from Press Red chats to Janey Lawry-White, COO of WTC. They chat about Janey’s faith, gender inequality, and leadership. This is a fascinating listen […]

4th November 2021

by: Megan James

I love clothes. Always have. It wasn’t until years later that I realised these shopping trips were full of thoughtless consumption and that I’d been unknowingly supporting the huge exploitation machine that is the fast fashion industry. […]

11th August 2021

by: Andy Hudson

A while ago one of our students, Andy Hudson, submitted an essay on the value of friendship in the Christian life with specific reference to male friendships […]

5th July 2021

by: Jasper Knecht

We often get asked in the WTC Theology classroom about the practice of using feminine pronouns and female imagery for God. Why do some people think it’s okay to use ‘she’ and ‘her’ for God when the Bible uses only masculine terms? […]

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3rd October 2016

Crossway reversed its decision to fix the ESV, leaving open the window for revision. The most controversial translation change in the now non-Permanent 2016 ESV edition is Gen 3:16b, which reads as follows: []

16th September 2019

I recently received a letter from a woman explaining to me how she had been on a journey out of complementarianism, what that had meant for her, her relationship with God, the women around her, and her marriage []

14th October 2015

It may come as a surprise that some specific teachings on showing love toward enemies appear only in the Old Testament. The Wisdom books warn hearers not to rejoice when enemies face disaster (e.g., Prov 24:17; Job 31:29; cf. Oba 1:12). Proverbs—and we have to remember that these were ‘popular sayings’ []

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    Transforming people through life-giving theology in the presence and power of the Spirit.