Jack Johnson – Prayer

Jack and Kenny go on an exploration of prayer and how our understanding of the nature, attributes, and character of God, gives ground to our efforts in prayer.


Matthew Lynch – Flood and Fury

Matt and Kenny discussed passages in the Old Testament like the flood and the conquest of Canaan, that on the surface contain moments of troubling violence. But Matt contends that a closer and slower reading of passages like these can actually reveal a critique of violence and show us more of the goodness and mercy of God. We hope this episode will help bring some clarity to some of the difficult questions raised when we read the Old Testament, particularly in light of the God we see revealed in Jesus Christ.


Matthew Bates – Why the Gospel?

This conversation revolves around Matthew’s latest book Why the Gospel? Matthew has contended that the “good news” of the gospel is the proclamation that Jesus is King, but why is this message necessary and what difference can it make in our lives?


Adesola Akala – Glory in the Gospel of John

It is the theme of glory that we spoke about in our conversation. In the preamble to his gospel, John declares of the Son, the Word made flesh, “We have seen his glory”. We explored what this glory means in relation to God, to the early witnesses of Christ, and to us today. Enjoy.


Christine Westhoff – Reframing the Prophetic

Christine Westhoff unpacked some of the misapplication and misunderstandings of prophetic gifting that she sees in churches, and speaks about her passion to see this vital gift flourishing across the church in a healthy, scriptural and vibrant way.