Creation Violence part 2

Richard Middleton & William Brown – Creation, Violence and the God of the Old Testament (Part 2)

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With: Richard Middleton and William Brown. In this WTCLive episode, Matt continues the discussion on the subject of creation, violence and God with two of his favourite Old Testament scholars. Creation and the question of violence occupy an important place in the work of these Old Testament gurus. Plus, they’ve both just come out with some […]

Public Christianity 2

Dave Landrum, John Stackhouse, and David Gushee – Public Christianity: Wealth & Obligations to the Least

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With: Dave Landrum, John Stackhouse and David Gushee. This is the second instalment in our series on ‘Public Christianity’ with Dave Landrum, David Gushee, and John Stackhouse (see the first here). This online WTCLive event revolves around the questions of Christian attitudes toward wealth and poverty by those in places of public influence. As Christians, how do […]