Christine Westhoff – Reframing the Prophetic

Christine Westhoff – Reframing the Prophetic

In episode 11 of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Christine Westhoff. In our conversation, Chris unpacked some of the misapplication and misunderstandings of prophetic gifting that she sees in churches, and speaks about her passion to see this vital gift flourishing across the church in a healthy, scriptural and vibrant way. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Christine Westhoff Christine Westhoff serves on the International team for 24-7 Prayer, and is the founder of Akouo Missions. She is also the author and developer of ‘ReFraming the Prophetic’, a biblical reflection course on the gift and purpose of the prophetic.

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Episode 11 Outline:
  • Start-01:11 – Introduction 
  • 01:17-04:47 – Welcome to Chris and 3 questions.
  • 04:55-14:28 – Seeing that there is quite some overlap in the course you have started and the focus of WTC interms of the prophetic, could you give us an overview of your course ‘Reframing the Prophetic’? What were some renewed, new, and challenging discoveries for you in developing the course?
  • 14:35-24:13 –  What are some of the things that you’ve thought about during the course in exercising the prophetic in a healthy way? How do we connect that with the heart of God?
  • 24:21-31:32 –  What would you say to churches that have a concept of the spiritual gifts but are not sure how to put these ideas into practice? How then does your course ‘Reframing the Prophetic’ serve local church communities?
  • 31:40-End – Close and further information
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Christine Westhoff – Reframing the Prophetic

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