Freddy Hedley – Lamentations

Freddy Hedley – Lamentations

In this conversation, we springboard from Freddy’s PhD work in Lamentations to talk about the ‘right to reply’ that is provided for God’s people, and how this can provoke us to rethink the place of lament and being honest with God in our church communities and personal journeys. Freddy speaks from a deeply lived knowledge of God and the Scriptures with humility, compassion and a genuine invitation to explore together with him. We do hope you enjoy listening to our third episode of the TheoDisc Podcast!

Freddy Hedley WTC FacultyDr Freddy Hedley is Director of Undergraduate Studies and teaches Biblical Studies, with a specific focus on the Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew. He holds a BA in History and English Literature, a PGCE in History, an MA in Kingdom Theology, and has recently completed his PhD in Hebrew Bible at Kings College London. Prior to working full-time with WTC he was the Director of Fountain School of Theology in Norfolk, UK. He is the author of The God of Page One (2012) and The Colossian Image (2016).

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Episode 3 Outline:
  • Start-01:20 – Introduction 
  • 01:24-06:04 – Welcome to Freddy and 3 questions.
  • 06:04-14:10Overview of the journey of Freddy’s work in Lamentations – how it came to be the focus of PhD, and the ideas that emerged.
  • 14:10-26:41 – Using Lamentations 1 as a springboard, we discuss the ‘laments’ or ‘complaints’ that arise in the context of a ‘right to reply’, but also as they reveal the breadth of expression open to God’s people.
  • 26:41-35:05 – How do we navigate faithfully through what Jesus has done for us in his redemptive work, to a place of genuine lament within moments of difficulty?
  • 35:05-39:15 – How do you see the changes happening within our sung worship to incorporate lament and an honest crying out to God?
  • 39:15-End – Closing information
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Freddy Hedley – Lamentations

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