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Over 700 students have completed programmes with WTC, and many of them have gone on to do some pretty amazing things. Some have changed their career paths completely, others have started thriving ministries, and others have seen how the application of their studies has taken them deeper and led to transformation in the contexts in which they were already living and working. These are their stories…

WATCH: Stories from our Alumni

Cliff and Sarah - Jersey

Nigel - North London

Richard - Bristol

Mary - Hampshire

Sarah - Manchester

Tim - Central London

Your experience could be an important factor in a prospective student deciding whether or not to study. Also, we’d love to showcase the breadth of alumni experience. Please contact Pedro () if you’d like to chat through creating a video.  We’d love to hear your story.

Alumni: Latest News

Mary Douglas

For her MA dissertation, Mary researched the relationship we have with God through Jesus, as understood by one of the early Church Fathers, Athanasius. She was struck that, as Evangelicals, we talk so little about what Jesus’ life meant for us – not His death and resurrection but what happened because the Son of God lived as a human being!

In Katherine’s book, Walking Through Winter, she tells the personal story of loss which involved the loss of five babies through miscarriage, and their first daughter Libby who died in labour at full term in 2012. She addresses how winter seasons feel in our lives and the theological and existential questions these seasons raise.

Janey has been key in leading the formation and launch of WTC Consulting Ltd, which is offering consultancy on leadership and management systems as well as data management tools. This is part of a diversification of raising additional funding to support WTC, as all profits from WTC Consulting Ltd will go towards supplementing student fees.