We deliver our programmes throughout the UK in learning and worshipping communities at various Hub locations.

Our Hub locations are where the learning community takes shape

Each Hub location has its own Hub Director

who is responsible for facilitating the creation of a worshipping and learning community, as well as offering pastoral care for students.

Students meet on a Monday or Tuesday evening

at the various Hub locations from 6.30-9.30pm (times may vary) for lectures, tutorials, worship, prayer, and dialogue.

The community context of WTC's Hubs

strongly supports face-to-face, video-conferenced, and pre-recorded teachings.

Where are our Hubs?

Learning and worshipping Hub communities.

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WATCH: What is it like at a Hub?

If you are a church leader and are interested in talking to us to find out more about what it would mean to become a partner and host a Hub, please send an email to our Director of Operations.

What happens in Hubs?

WTC Hubs

Students study locally in a worshipping
and learning community.

Meaningful relationships begin to form
with your fellow students.

Time and space is given to discuss the issues arising in the teaching.

Vision takes root and is prayed into action.

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