Here you will find a whole range of student videos, from Hub life to stories of everyday theology and changed lives. Our students are great and we love to hear their testimonies. Scroll down to watch!

Hear some amazing student testimonies:

Compilation video of student clips. See the rest below…

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Stories of everyday theology:

Lydia talks about God's financial provision for her studies.

Jayne was scared of studying, but now doesn't want it to end!

David found that his studies were bringing deep healing to him personally.

Rachel has faced many obstacles for her to study, but none too big for God.

Jerem and Lydia have found that their faith has grown greatly as a couple.

Andrew was happily suprised by the wide demographic range within WTC's student body.

Barnaby has seen how his studies have been an act of worship to God.

Alison hadn't done any studying for a long time, so loves the study support WTC provides.

Sarah's studies have been like sitting at a big banquet table with God.

Tina has seen how God has done a new thing in her life through her studies.

Jodie's experience of being a woman in ministry has grown immensely while at WTC.

Ryan has found being part of a Hub very helpful and enriching to his studies.

Christian's studies gave him the confidence to help start a brand new ministry.

Sarah, an industry executive, would like to see more business people studying theology.

Maral is a student worker who has found the time for reflecting on her ministry really helpful.

Jenny loves working with students, and has discovered new biblical depth in her studies.

Jo has received much help from WTC to continue studying through tough fiancial times.

Andy thought that, as a church leader, he wouldn't have the time or money to study, but God provided.

Stories from our Hubs:

Stories of changed lives:

What is the long-term impact of studying with WTC?

0 %
of WTC students said their courses exceeded their expectations.

According to a recent survey from Chester University.

0 %
of WTC alumni said studying with WTC was personally transforming.

According to a recent survey of WTC graduates.

0 %
said it definitely had an impact on their vocation / work / ministry.

According to a recent survey of WTC graduates.

0 %
retention rate of students on our validated programmes.

According to data from our previous 5 academic years .

"I was taken on a remarkable journey theologically and personally."

"Two of the most transformational years of my life, with a fantastic group of people."

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For those with no prior Higher Education experience.

For those with no prior Higher Education experience. The full 6-year BA (Hons) degree programme.

If you have prior Higher Education experience, but are without a theology degree. 3 specialist tracks are offered.

For those with a degree or GradDip in theology.

Completely online. For those who wish to explore the foundations of the Christian faith.

Available at the Bristol Hub only. For those who wish to grow in practical leadership skills.


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