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The TheoDisc Podcast is hosted by Kenny Innes, who is also WTC’s Scotland Hub Director, overseeing a thriving Hub based in the city of Glasgow. After many years in church leadership and pastoral ministry, the time was right for Kenny to invest in his love for theology by studying with WTC. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience, deepening his love for God, his theological convictions, and his desire to see others engage in accessible theological study.

TheoDisc Podcast episodes provide a perfect space for a variety of theological discussions with WTC’s Faculty and Friends about scripture, life, culture, politics, society, gender, and pretty much anything. Tune in for regular episodes, where Kenny discusses those subjects and issues that our Faculty and Friends are really passionate about. It promises to be interesting and thought-provoking!

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Kenny Innes
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1st February 2024

On this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny talks with with Alain Emerson and Roger Ellis, who teach Ecclesiology as part of WTC’s Graduate Diploma in Church Planting & Leadership. Whether you are planting a church, leading in a church, or are part of a church family, this conversation will cause you to think about the rich history of God’s people as they have allowed the Scriptures and the Spirit to deeply affect their thinking, and how this should shape our future thinking on what the church should be.

17th January 2024

In this episode, Kenny is joined by Nigel Langford, and they go on an exploration of theological understanding and revelation of God’s character through Nigel and his wife, Nicky’s adoption story. Enjoy!

29th November 2023

Welcome to TheoDisc episode 27! In this episode we welcome Prof Sandra Glahn of Dallas Theological Seminary. Kenny and Sandra explore her new book, Nobody’s Mother, and the implications of archaeological, cultural, historical, literary, and biblical evidence for our understanding of Paul’s letters, and in particular the passage in 1 Tim 2:15.

15th November 2023

In this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny was in conversation with Aaron White, and they addressed these questions and more… Is it possible that the narratives, themes and words that we see in our popular culture can be avenues for God to speak? How can we engage film, literature, music and more with our ears open to the gospel of the Kingdom? And can our engagement with art help us to minister in the world more effectively? 

1st November 2023

At WTC, we believe that theological education should be accessible to everyone, not just those in paid ministerial work. As a result, more than half of our student body aren’t in paid Christian ministry, but are working in the marketplace, education, health, trades, and other venues. Our guest on this episode, Marijke Hoek, believes that professionals should be viewed as those on kingdom mission in the world and should be supported, equipped, and learned from in their communication of the gospel. This was such an interesting and thought-provoking discussion and we hope you enjoy it.

18th October 2023

In recent years we’ve seen a crisis of leadership in the western Evangelical world. We can all name names and shake our heads, but perhaps we ought to step back and think more widely about the models or leadership we’ve adopted and put into practice. In this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny talks with Professor Andrew Parker about the ways in which we need to re-engage with and train people in the kind of leadership modelled by Jesus – servant leadership. Enjoy.

4th October 2023

In this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Alister Wallace about how the books of Judges and Ruth ought to be read together, and how women and the treatment of women are vital to the theological trajectory of these books. Our often simplistic presentations of Biblical figures like Gideon and Samson can obscure the fact that the book in which they feature, Judges, is a grim exploration of Israel’s inability to remain faithful to their covenant with God and the resulting consequences. By contrast, the book which immediately follows Judges is Ruth, a book brimming with displays of covenant faithfulness. 

20th September 2023

On today’s episode, Kenny had a  conversation with the wonderful Dr Carmen Imes. Carmen holds a PhD from Wheaton College and is the Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biola University in California. Kenny had a chance to talk with Carmen about her latest book and we hope this will provoke your own thinking about how you live out this core identity. Enjoy.

9th August 2023

In this episode, Kenny chats with Scot McKnight about his latest publication – The Second Testament – a new Bible translation of the New Testament. Enjoy!

19th July 2023

In this episode, Kenny chats with Rev Nick Crawley about engaging with the Bible in meaningful ways and how this grounds our discipleship. Enjoy!

5th July 2023

In this episode, Jack and Kenny go on an exploration of prayer and how our understanding of the nature, attributes, and character of God gives ground to our efforts in prayer. Happy listening!

21st June 2023

In this episode, Kenny and Matt Lynch discussed passages in the Old Testament like the flood and the conquest of Canaan, that on the surface contain moments of troubling violence. But Matt contends that a closer and slower reading of passages like these can actually reveal a critique of violence and show us more of the goodness and mercy of God.

7th June 2023

This conversation revolves around Matthew’s latest book Why the Gospel? Matthew has contended that the “good news” of the gospel is the proclamation that Jesus is King, but why is this message necessary and what difference can it make in our lives and the world?

24th May 2023

In this episode of TheoDisc, Kenny talks with Dr Jason Myers about how Paul’s attempts to help the church navigate life under the Imperial rule of Rome can inform our own approach as kingdom witnesses in our context.

10th May 2023

In our conversation, we spoke about the theme of Glory in the New Testament. In the preamble to his gospel, John declares of the Son, the Word made flesh, “We have seen his glory”.

26th April 2023

For many of us, our reading of the Old Testament has been formed in a theological environment that has obscured the often subversive nature of the Bible’s presentation of women and led to interpretations that can be harmful to women. That’s the conversation Kenny had with Ali Blacklee Whittall for this episode.

12th April 2023

In episode 13 of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Dr Ruth Perrin and Ed Earnshaw about emerging adults and how the church can be more proactive in reaching out to students in today’s context.

29th March 2023

In this conversation, Jasper and Kenny talked about how the early church provides a rich field of study of the Scriptures for the Charismatic church of today. Topics like exegesis, sola scriptura, allegory, and historical critical method abounded in our discussion, and it was truly fascinating.

15th March 2023

In episode 11 of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Christine Westhoff. Chris serves on the Int’l team for 24-7 Prayer, and is the founder of Akouo Missions. She is also the author and developer of ‘ReFraming the Prophetic’, a biblical reflection course on the gift and purpose of the prophetic.

1st March 2023

In episode 10 of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Danny Hampson, who lives and ministers in Ibiza as part of 24/7 Prayer and, he is also completing a Masters with WTC. In their conversation they talked about the real Ibiza, prayer, theological awareness, and Danny’s MA dissertation.

15th February 2023

In episode 9 of TheoDisc, Kenny chats with Bev Murrill about emerging from, and feeling the effects of, the pandemic on church life and practice. They ask what lessons have been learned from that time, and what might church leadership and community look like going forward?

1st February 2023

In episode 8 of the TheoDisc Podcast, Kenny chats with Dr Steve Watts about the cultural arrogance borne from ignorance of the context of church history, contrasted with the potential for humility, self-aware insight, and faithful witness.

18th January 2023

In this episode, Kenny chats with Janey Lawry-White about why it’s important to study theology in today’s climate. Janey not only oversees all operations full-time at WTC, she has also studied on the GradDip and is currently doing the MA, so really knows what she’s talking about!

21st December 2022

For our Christmas special, Kenny got to sit in while Lucy Peppiatt had a chat with Tim Mackie, from the Bible Project! They conversed about his journey from being purely a biblical scholar, to gaining a deeper understanding of Systematic Theology, and how it plays such a significant part in shaping and influencing our faith.

12th December 2022

In this episode, Kenny chats with Bob about how Christian Nationalism is a present danger in the US and to some extent the UK in its pursuit of power and exclusion over love and service.

28th November 2022

Tobias and Kenny talk about how developing an awareness of the interplay between New Testament and Hebrew scriptures with regards to literary and narrative links  can open our eyes to fresh ways of understanding the biblical text for our world.

14th November 2022

In this episode, Kenny chats with Freddy about his work in Lamentations – how it came to be the focus of his PhD, and the ideas that emerged. They look at the poems within the book and how our church cultures today need to and can reclaim a measure of lament within our worship.

26th October 2022

In this conversation, which follows on from episode 1, Kenny and Lucy talk through different models of thought concerning the doctrine of the Imago Dei, and how our understanding of the doctrine can have transformative potential in the way we live practically.

19th October 2022

We are delighted to present our first ever episode of the TheoDisc Podcast, with none other than our very own Principal, Dr. Lucy Peppiatt, who discusses her new book, The Imago Dei, Humanity Made in the Image of God.

More Episodes Coming Soon!!

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