PressRed Podcast with Janey Lawry-White

Press Red In Conversation With Janey Lawry-White

Rosemary Hack from Press Red chats to Janey Lawry-White, COO of WTC. They chat about Janey’s faith, gender inequality, and leadership. This is a fascinating listen, giving us a bit of background into the life and experiences of our brilliant COO.

“I was an 18 year old with a very strong sense of social justice, and seeing a society where women were definitely second-class citizens really impacted me very strongly.”

Listen to the Interview below:

Press Red PartnersFind out more about the amazing work with and for women around the world by Press Red HERE.

Janey Lawry-White joined the staff team at WTC to lead the Operations team in summer 2018 and completed the Graduate Diploma in June 2019. This role is quite a change from her previous ones – working on gender-based violence in humanitarian situations with the UN and international charities, running small businesses and working with the BBC. She loves working for an organisation which equips people to make a real difference in their community and church through studies.

Her own theological study was life-changing, significantly deepening her understanding of God’s Kingdom, how he engages with his people, and how this changes her perspective on herself and the world. Within the staff team, she works as Chief Operating Officer with Lucy and the rest of the Exec to provide strategic leadership for WTC, overseeing partnerships, consultancy, communications, IT, finance and HR, and generally trying to ensure that all the non-academic areas of WTC function as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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