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WTC Alumni – The 4 ‘L’s for More WTC:

  • Learn – More study gives WTC alumni the opportunity to fill some of the theological cravings that can only be filled by studying with WTC. We’ll keep you updated on how you can go on studying without taking full programmes.
  • Link – More sharing is a space where alumni can link up with each other, sharing opportunities or skills in a professional or formational capacity, plus a private Facebook group where theological ideas abound!
  • Live – More stories is a place to catch up with what you and your peers have done after completing your studies with WTC and where we tell your stories, because we really are proud of you.
  • Love – More support, because we know that our alumni love WTC, and what better way to show this than to make it possible for others to study through giving your time and financial support?
More study

We know you value theological learning and many of you will have found studying at WTC transformative and enjoyed both the classroom teaching and Residential experience. We would like to encourage you in your lifelong learning and, as alumni, we offer you the opportunity to take individual modules at all levels.

More sharing

Building and maintaining good relationships is a core WTC value. You’ll always be part of the WTC alumni community. A few ways to build and keep strong relationships with your fellow WTC alumni while you continue actioning the fruit of your studies in your life, work and mission.

More stories

Over 700 students have completed programmes with WTC, and many of them have gone on to do some pretty amazing things. Some have changed their career paths completely, others have started thriving ministries, and others have seen how the application of their studies has taken them deeper and led to transformation in the contexts in which they were already living and working. These are their stories…

More support

WTC is a community dedicated to supporting each other to go deeper in our faith and theological understanding. You could support current students with mentoring and/or proof-reading their essays, praying with them, and by helping towards the cost of their studies. It’s a privilege to invest in someone else’s learning, and for our students to have support from someone who knows the challenges and highlights will be a real blessing.


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