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WTC Alumni: Learn

Alumni have the opportunity to study individual modules at Levels 5, 6, and 7. The Level 7 (MA) modules are available to anyone, but only WTC alumni can study individual undergraduate modules. You can register for a Record of Achievement, meaning you receive official recognition for undertaking this studying.

Another alumni-specific offering is for those involved in Student Ministry (GDSM) or Church Planting & Leadership (CPL), who can take the programme-specific modules for either of these programmes. On successful completion, you will receive a GradCert in Student Ministry or Church Planting & Leadership.

You will need to attend the relevant Residential(s) for the modules you are studying. This involves the Mini-Resis for the specialist CPL and GDSM programmes. You can also attend Hub based Teaching Events in person or there is the option to receive a recording of the Hub-based teaching material after it has been delivered in the Hubs. Places may be limited on certain modules.

To see the modules that are on offer, visit the Programmes page. For more detailed descriptions, please see the individual modules within each programme below:

Residential Dates:

  • RESI 1: Wednesday 1st – Sunday 5th September 2021.
  • RESI 2: Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th January 2022.

Residentials now take place at the University of Nottingham.


To be eligible to study any modules at L7 (postgraduate level) you must have completed the Graduate Diploma, BA or the MA in theology/religious studies.

You can study the specialist (CPL or GDSM) programmes if you have already completed a BA, GradDip or MA in Kingdom Theology with WTC.

Those who have completed a CertHE, BA, GradDip or MA can study individual BA modules.


The cost varies depending on how many credits are studied and the number of Residentials you attend. The Hebrew Course is taught completely online and attendance at a Residential is not required.

UG: Levels 4-6
PG: Level 7
1 module (10 credits), 1 Resi
1 module (20 credits), 1 Resi
1 module (20 credits), 2 Resis
2 modules (10 + 20 credits), 1 Resi*
2 modules (10 + 20 credits), 2 Resis*
2 modules (2 x 20 credits), 2 Resis*

* If you wish to study more than one module this may be possible, but only if this works with the timetable. If you are interested in studying more than one module in one academic year please indicate which modules you would like to study and we will confirm whether the combination is possible.

Deadline: 15th July