WTC Resource includes short video and audio courses on the Bible and theology, including interviews with prominent scholars, podcasts, booklets, and more top quality material from WTC’s expert faculty.

We’ve produced in-house a collection of great content to help you, your home group, or your church go deeper with God and to better understand the Bible. Have a look at the courses below…


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WTC Resource equips churches and individuals with high quality, FREE theological resources.

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God With Us
by Dr. Lucy Peppiatt

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Violence in the Old Testament
by Dr. Matthew Lynch

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Here are some more of the exciting resources we offer:

God with us

God with us

'God with us: How God meets us in the person and work of the Holy Spirit’ is a five-session course designed to take you first through the biblical witness to the centrality of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life and then to explore what that means for us as individuals and as a church. This course is a thought-provoking springboard for anyone wanting to explore more about who Holy Spirit is and how the Spirit works in us.
Spiritually Formed

Spiritually Formed

This is a six-week study of biblical and theological pathways for spiritual formation, designed for individual and group use. The goal of this course, as with our previous course ‘Living the Christian Story,’ is to provide high-quality academic content at a very accessible level. Spiritually Formed is designed for anyone, from those without prior theological education to those who want to go further in their journey of following Jesus.


This is a free initiative focused on bringing challenging and stimulating theological discussion to wherever you are, around the country or world. We have lined up a few prominent scholars, like N.T. Wright, Scot McKnight, Craig Keener, Lucy Peppiatt, and Richard Hays to discuss different biblical themes and how they speak into our contemporary situations. Enjoy these FREE Google Hangout sessions!
WTC Resource Violence

Violence in Old Testament

The Bible is full of rich and wonderful stories and pictures of God's mercy and grace. However, we often miss out the good bits and avoid the difficult parts because we don't have the tools to address them. Violence is just a difficult topic and the Old Testament can be hard to understand. This short course offers some handles for you to hold as you ride through the violent texts in the Old Testament.
Consuming Fire

Consuming Fire

The descriptions of divine presence in the Old Testament can often feel strange and uncomfortable. Yet, it is these same accounts of divine presence that the New Testament uses to explain Jesus. This short course takes another look at divine presence and worship in some of the ‘off-the-beaten-path’ parts of the Bible, explains how they tick, and shows how they still matter for Christians.
The Discipleship Course

The Discipleship Course

This booklet is designed for those who have made a commitment to Jesus Christ and are now Christians. It is a self-study introduction to the Christian faith, and was written to give new Christians an understanding of their new identity, their history, their scriptures, and their future. The booklet is available on and further materials can be found at WTC Resource.

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For those with no prior Higher Education experience.

For those with no prior Higher Education experience. The full 6-year BA (Hons) degree programme.

If you have prior Higher Education experience, but are without a theology degree. 3 specialist tracks are offered.

For those with a degree or GradDip in theology.

Completely online. For those who wish to explore the foundations of the Christian faith.

Available at the Bristol Hub only. For those who wish to grow in practical leadership skills.

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