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WTC Alumni: Love

WTC is a community dedicated to supporting each other to go deeper in our faith and theological understanding. You can support current students with mentoring and/or proof-reading their essays, praying with them, and by helping towards the cost of their studies. It’s a privilege to invest in someone else’s learning and, for current students, having support from someone who has already walked the road and knows the challenges and highlights will add huge value and be a real blessing.

More info regarding Volunteer Proofreading:

From time to time we have students requesting help to find a proofreader because they do not know anyone suitable. Alumni volunteers have been helping with this and we are looking for some new volunteers willing to help if needed. To be a proofreader you need to have:

  • an excellent command of English grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • an eye for detail
  • the ability to see when something doesn’t make sense
  • the ability to hold back from commenting on content
  • the time to comment on six essays between October and June

If you are interested, want to have a chat or know more, please contact Ali at .

Our alumni know that studying theology is transformational. Can you partner with WTC financially to give this gift to other people?

There are a number of ways you can support our students:

Following the Biblical model of the Patrons who supported Jesus’ and Paul’s ministries (Lk 8:1-3; Acts 16:15), WTC Patrons commit a giving minimum of £5,000 per year for 3-5 years, making it possible for students from all financial backgrounds to study with WTC. Please talk to Janey () if changing lives this way appeals to you.

Give regularly

A monthly standing order will contribute towards:

  • Helping students achieve their full academic potential through the provision of study skills 
  • Equipping students to fulfil their God given potential by contributing to the gap between fees charged and the costs of delivering programmes
  • Making the courses accessible for students on low incomes to study by contributing to the general bursary fund 

You can give any amount each month, for something specific or to general funds.

Regular or one off donations for something specific makes a huge difference. From time to time, we have fundraising campaigns for specific things.

As you’ll see from the video below, for students with a history of offending and/or addiction, studying theology opens completely new life choices and opportunities, as it did for Darren.

We had no idea how tough it is for deaf students to study at university level until we had two of them at WTC. They need to raise £15 – £20K per year each for the sign language interpretation and other support. We currently have several deaf church leaders and members who’d love to study this coming year. Please consider helping make WTC courses accessible to them.

Change someone’s life by helping fund them to complete their entire programme. What better way to show God’s love than to invest in their faith, life, work and mission? The giving can be anonymous or not as you and the student agree. Please contact Janey to discuss how to do this: ().

Please visit our Give Page for specific ways in which you can give financially. Thank you so much!