Student Stories

Nick, Glos Hub

It started with my wife and I making ourselves fully available to God. We said: ‘We’ll serve you God, anywhere you want.’

Maria, Stockholm Hub

I think that if God has told you something, he doesn’t change that even when life hits you.

Yabaari, Hampshire Hub

Being at WTC, for me, is seeing ministry in the way it should be done across denominations and cultures.

Nia, North East London Hub

It just feels as if it’s a picture of what God’s Kingdom is like.

Ben, Manchester Hub

Studying has not just been about the academic pursuit, but instead feels like worship, outreach, evangelism, and social action.

Polly, Hampshire Hub

WTC is much warmer and much more like a family, with space to process in. You don’t have to get it all right.

Nicki, North East London Hub

I think I’ve really grown closer to God through the course, and I will confess, it’s raised probably as many questions as it’s answered.

WTC Student Journeys Short Compilation