Student Stories

PLAYLIST: WTC is all about seeing God change lives for his Kingdom. Hear a bit of the stories from some of our awesome students!


Nick Hoult Posterframe____________
Nick, Glos Hub

It started with my wife and I making ourselves fully available to God. We said: ‘We’ll serve you God, anywhere you want.’

Maria F Posterframe____________
Maria, Stockholm Hub

I got cancer and I had a wrestle with God… but I think that if God has told you something, he doesn’t change that even when life hits you.

Yabaari Uebari Posterframe____________
Yabaari, Hampshire Hub

Being at WTC, for me, is seeing ministry in the way it should be done across denominations and cultures.

Nia Shields____________
Nia, North East London Hub

It just feels as if it’s a picture of what God’s Kingdom is like… What you do matters and God can be involved in any situation.

Ben Jeff____________
Ben, Manchester Hub

Studying has not just been about the academic pursuit, but instead feels like worship, outreach, evangelism, and social action.

Polly Hampshire Student____________
Polly, Hampshire Hub

WTC is much warmer and much more like a family, with space to process in. You don’t have to get it all right.

Nicki Copeland____________
Nicki, North East London Hub

I think I’ve really grown closer to God through the course, and I will confess, it’s raised probably as many questions as it’s answered.