Academic Calendar

WTC Academic Calendars

WTC will be delivering fully online Residentials in both September 2020 and January 2021. All courses will begin on Thursday 3rd September as advertised.


These Residential dates are compulsory for all students. The dates for this academic year are:


    • RESI 1 (Online): Thursday 3rd – Monday 7th September (9am-9.15pm*) and Tuesday 8th – Thursday 10th September (evenings only, 7.30-9.45pm)
      *The day will be split into three sessions, and students will attend two out of the three
    • RESI 2 (Online): Monday 4th – Thursday 7th January 2021 (full days) and Friday 8th – Sunday 10th January (evenings only) inclusive*.
      *Students will be informed of the detailed timetable for the January Resi before the end of October 2020. It may not extend through to the evening of Sunday 10th January, but please reserve this whole period.


    • 2021-22: Wed 1st Sept – Sun 5th Sept 2021 AND Mon 3rd – Thurs 6th Jan 2022
    • 2022-23: Wed 31st Aug – Sun 4th Sept 2022 AND Tues 3rd – Fri 6th Jan 2023
    • 2023-24: Wed 30th Aug – Sun 3rd Sept 2023 AND Wed 3rd – Sat 6th Jan 2024
    • 2024-25: Monday 2nd – Friday 6th Sept 2024 AND Fri 3rd – Mon 6th Jan 2025



Academic Calendar 2020-21

The specific 2020-21 academic calendars for each course and year group are available below. These detail the residential weeks, Hub evenings, and submission dates for each cohort. 

BA (Hons) in Kingdom Theology & CertHE in Kingdom Theology

Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology

For our specialist Graduate Diplomas, the calendars include the additional teaching days outside of Hub nights.
Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology and Student Ministry

Graduate Diploma in Church Planting and Leadership

MA in Kingdom Theology

NB: Our Hubs meet on different evenings and these evenings are fixed. For example, Hampshire meets on a Monday and NE London on a Tuesday. To check which evening your Hub meets on, please check on the relevant Hub Location page.

Flexi-GradDip students must attend all ‘Residential’ elements of their courses in person unless they have been moved online. They will also join the virtual tutorial elements (VCs) of their courses on Tuesday evenings, via zoom. Flexi-GradDip students will be advised of VC times for specific Hub evenings.

2020-21 MA Hub Teaching Days

In addition to the residentials, MA students are required to attend 2 or 3 Saturday teaching days in their local Hub. The dates for the 2020-21 academic year are shown below.

MA Year 1
    • TH7928 Reading the Old Testament for the Church – 21 November 2020 (10am-4pm)
    • TH7929 Luke-Acts – 27 February 2021 (1-7pm)
    • TH7931 Persecution to Empire – 6 March 2021 (10am-4pm)

MA Year 2

    • TH7920 God through the Ages – 28 November 2020 (10am – 4pm)
    • TH7926 Faithfully Performing the Biblical Drama: Christian Ethics for Discipleship and Witness – 6 February 2021 (time tbc)
    • TH7930 Paul and the Spirit – 13 March 2021 (1-7pm)

Students who are unable to make the teaching Saturdays at a local Hub may elect to do the Flexi-MA.