Lucy Peppiatt – Imago Dei Part 2

Lucy Peppiatt - The Imago Dei

Lucy Peppiatt – The Imago Dei (Part 2)

Lucy PeppiattSince 2013, Lucy has been the principal of WTC where she lectures primarily in systematic theology and in spiritual formation. She is the author of 5 books, the latest of which is called The Imago Dei, and during this and the previous episode, Kenny has been talking to Lucy about the book and why the doctrine of the image of God is so foundational to the Christian faith.

In this conversation, which follows on from episode 1, Kenny and Lucy talk through different models of thought concerning the doctrine of the Imago Dei, and how our understanding of the doctrine can have transformative potential in the way we live practically. We do hope you enjoy listening to our second episode of the TheoDisc Podcast!

Listen to Episode 1 HERE.

You can buy The Imago Dei HERE.

Find out more about Lucy Peppiatt HERE.

Episode 2 Outline:
  • Start-01:20 – Introduction 
  • 01:24-02:31 – Brief recap / introduce direction for this episode on the Imago Dei.
  • 02:31-07:49 – Description of Substantialist / Noetic perspectives.
  • 07:49-12:32 – Looking at ‘image’ and ‘likeness’ and the movement towards God. 
  • 12:32-21:30 – Description of Functional / Vocational / Missional perspectives.
  • 21:30-26:33 – Definitions and Outline of Relational Models as influenced by the Renaissance and Reformation.
  • 26:33-30:15 – Modern perspectives on the Imago Dei, which includes issues like embodiment, diversity – race / gender / disability, and also sexuality and desire.
  • 30:15-34:38 – How do we then take the ideas from your book, The Imago Dei, and apply them to our lives and the people around us?
  • 34:38-End – Closing information
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Lucy Peppiatt – Imago Dei Part 2

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