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This 2-year part-time Certificate in Higher Education is designed for those who want to go deeper in their faith or be equipped for service and leadership.

BA course


The part-time BA degree (studied over 6 years) offers a comprehensive and engaging study programme, designed for anyone seeking breadth and depth in their theological understanding.

Grad Dip


This 2-year part-time diploma offers study of the major theological disciplines, including biblical studies, church history, spirituality, Christian beliefs, and leadership.

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The 3-year part-time MA gives students the opportunity to explore the deep riches of biblical theology, Christian history, the contemporary church, and life in the Spirit.

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Church Planting & Leadership

The Graduate Diploma in Church Planting and Leadership (CPL) offers a unique programme designed specifically for church leaders and church planters in non-conformist and non-denominational church traditions and networks.

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The Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology and Student Ministry offers to those involved or interested in student work foundational modules in Biblical studies, Church history, spirituality, and Christian beliefs.

Flexi GD


From September 2020, as part of our response to the coronavirus emergency, WTC will offer its three Graduate Diploma courses as Flexi-GradDip courses, for students in the UK who live more than 1.5 hours travel time away from an existing WTC Hub.



We also offer the Flexi-MA option for those needing a flexible and dynamic MA programme but who are unable to join WTC’s local Hub communities. It is open to any EU national. The course content options are the same for students on both the Hub-based and Flexi-MA tracks.

Our courses & their modules:

Year 1:
  • NT Journey – Annalisa Phillips Wilson
  • Drama of Doctrine – Dr Lucy Peppiatt
  • Exploring the OT Story – Freddy Hedley
  • Spiritual Formation – Dr Lucy Peppiatt
Year 2:
  • Spiritual Formation & Leadership – Chris Pemberton
  • Faith Seeking Understanding – Dr Jasper Knecht
  • Classics of Early Christian Literature – Dr Steve Watts
  • Charismatic & Social Prophetic Practices – Aaron White

Years 1 & 2 are the same as the CertHE

Years 3 & 4:
  • 18th Century British Revivals – Chris Pemberton
  • Transformational Hermeneutics – Jo Soper
  • Christian Dialogue with Other Faiths
    – Dr Joanna Williamson
  • On Being Truly Human – Peter Hartwig
  • Women in the OT – Tamara Knudson
  • John’s Gospel – Dr Adesola Akala
  • Optional (choose one):
    -> Communication Skills – Christina Walker
    -> Prophetic Ministry – Dr Bob Ekblad
Years 1 & 2 are the same as CertHE
Years 5 & 6:
  • Christology – Dr Lucy Peppiatt
  • Research Methods – Ali Blacklee Whittall
  • Peace, Reconciliation and the Politics of Jesus
    – Dr Roger Mitchell
  • Galatians: Text and Theology – Dr Jason Myers
  • Optional (choose one):
    -> History of Christian Spirituality – Dr Steve Watts
    -> Advanced Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
    – Dr Jasper Knecht & Freddy Hedley
  • Dissertation
Year 1:
  • Intro to OT Studies – Dr Stephen Dempster
  • On the Incarnation – Dr Jasper Knecht
  • Discovering the NT – Dr Jason Myers
  • Graduate Theological Foundations for
    Spiritual Formation
    – Dr Lucy Peppiatt
Year 2:
  • Christology in Context – Dr Lucy Peppiatt
  • Transformational Leadership – Bev Murrill
  • History of Christian Spirituality – Dr Steve Watts
  • Optional (choose one):
    -> Advanced Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
    – Dr Jasper Knecht & Freddy Hedley
    -> Reading the Gospels – Tobias Siegenthaler
Year 1:
  • Spiritual Formation for Church Planting
    & Leadership – Rev Anthony Delaney
  • Intro to OT Studies – Dr Stephen Dempster
  • Discovering the NT – Dr Jason Myers
  • On the Incarnation – Dr Jasper Knecht
Year 2:
  • Christology in Context – Dr Lucy Peppiatt
  • Shapes of the Church: Past, Present, Future
    – Alain Emerson & Roger Ellis
  • Missiology – Dr Steve Addison and Nick Hoult
  • Professional Formation – Prof Andrew Parker
Year 1:
  • Church and Student Culture – Dr Ruth Perrin
  • Intro to OT Studies – Dr Stephen Dempster
  • Discovering the NT – Dr Jason Myers
  • On the Incarnation – Dr Jasper Knecht
Year 2:
  • Christology in Context – Dr Lucy Peppiatt
  • Maturing a Student Ministry – TBC
  • Catalysing Spiritual Formation – Dr Ruth Perrin
  • Student Mission – TBC
  • Professional Formation – Prof Andrew Parker

The MA programme’s modules can be taken over two or three years (details on MA page)

  • God through the Ages – Dr Jasper Knecht
  • Christian Ethics for Discipleship & Witness – Dr Andrew Goddard
  • Reading the OT for the Church– Freddy Hedley
  • Luke-Acts – Dr Jason Myers
  • Paul & the Spirit – Dr Ben Blackwell
  • Theology, Culture, and Politics in Early Christianity – Dr Amy Brown Hughes
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Our study of theology means engaging with a Kingdom that is powerful and transformational.

We offer degrees in ‘Kingdom Theology’ because at the heart of our study is the belief that Jesus came proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God. Through his life, death, and resurrection, he has brought the reality of the Kingdom to this world.

God’s Kingdom means hope for humanity and the earth in salvation, healing, freedom from oppression, reconciliation in relationships, joy, peace, creativity, and untold blessing. The Kingdom touches all aspects of life, and invites us to reimagine our life, work, and mission.

Our creative Hub model fosters an environment where students join prophetic, worshipping communities that learn together. The mixture of Residential and Hub-based learning helps you discover the many exciting ways that theology and life in the Spirit can transform your life-spaces.

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Concerned about finance?

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Our partners Stewardship may be able to help you to raise your financial support and claim Gift Aid on donations from UK tax payers. You can use this support to pay for your course fees, training resources and general living expenses. We have seen many individuals come out of college debt free, and hundreds of bible college students have benefitted from using this facility. Find out more here.