Steve Watts – Church History & Humility

Steve Watts – Church History & Humility

In episode 8 of the TheoDisc Podcast, Kenny chats with Steve about the cultural arrogance borne from ignorance of the context of church history, contrasted with the potential for humility, self-aware insight, and faithful witness. They look at how we can be empowered by a healthy engagement with church history. Enjoy!

Steve WattsDr Steve Watts teaches church history and spirituality at WTC. He is Assistant Professor of History and Dean of the Chapel at Crandall University, Moncton, and is the primary History Distance Education Instructor for Regent College, Vancouver. He received his PhD in Mediaeval History at the University of St Andrews and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto. He graduated from Regent in 2010 with an MCS in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Episode 8 Outline:
  • Start-01:20 – Introduction 
  • 01:24-07:01 – Welcome to Steve and 3 questions.
  • 07:09-16:06 – How does our knowledge of history affect our perspective on it? Why has our abandonment of engaging with the history of the church come to be seen as a virtuous and spiritual shedding of a stale and deathly religious expression?
  • 16:15-31:31 – In what ways do we gain a healthy perspective on church history while maintaining a posture of humility?
  • 31:39-36:00 – How can we shift our attention from the heroes and villains to a more holistic view of history?
  • 36:10-45:28How can we become more self-aware in our knowledge and also apply it to our witness in our world today
  • 45:37-End – Close and further information
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Steve Watts – Church History & Humility

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