Janey-Lawry-White – Why Study Theology?

Janey Lawry-White – Why Study Theology?

In this episode, Kenny chats with Janey Lawry-White about why it’s important to study theology in today’s climate. Janey not only oversees all operations full-time at WTC, she has also studied on the GradDip and is currently doing the MA, so really knows what she’s talking about!

Janey Lawry WhiteJaney’s previous jobs entailed working on gender-based violence in humanitarian situations with the UN and international charities, running small businesses and working with the BBC. Her own theological study was life-changing, significantly deepening her understanding of God’s Kingdom, how he engages with his people, and how this changes one’s perspective on oneself and the world. At WTC, she works with Lucy and the rest of the Exec to provide strategic leadership for the college. She oversees the partnerships, consultancy, communications, IT, finance and HR, and generally ensures that all the non-academic areas of WTC function as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Episode 7 Outline:
  • Start-01:20 – Introduction 
  • 01:24-04:14 – Welcome to Janey and 3 questions.
  • 04:23-07:33 – Discussion about the accessibility of theological study.
  • 07:42-15:00 – What was your own experience of studying theology and what were some obstacles to study? How transformative has it been for you to study theology?
  • 15:09-21:23 – What are some of the key theological nuggets you’ve discovered on your own journey?
  • 21:32-30:21 – How have you experienced academic study and the work of the Holy Spirit working together? How would you encourage others who feel they have enough ‘Bible things’ in their lives? What are the things that have brought you closer to God through your studies?
  • 30:28-32:55 – What would be your encouragement be for those who definitely think that to study theology is not for them?. 
  • 32:55-End – Close and further information
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Janey-Lawry-White – Why Study Theology?

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