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Lucy Peppiatt, Brad Jersak, and Bob Ekblad – Prophetic Ministry

With: Lucy Peppiatt, Brad Jersak, and Bob Ekblad

The goal of this online WTCLive! event is to think reflectively about Prophetic Ministry: What it means to be ‘prophetic’, and to consider ways that Christian ministry takes distinctive shape when engaged from a prophetic perspective.


Lucy Peppiatt, PhD

Lucy is the Principal of WTC, and a lecturer in Systematic Theology. Lucy’s areas of research are Spirit Christology and Mission. She has written The Disciple: On Becoming Truly Human (Wipf and Stock, 2012) and Women and Worship at Corinth (Wipf and Stock, 2015). Lucy lives in Bristol with her husband, Nick Crawley, where they lead Crossnet Community. She has four sons, loves pastoring young people and students and enjoys the good things in life.

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Rev Brad Jersak, PhD

Brad is an author and teacher based in Abbotsford, Canada. He earned his Ph.D. from Bangor University, Wales, and has completed post-doctoral research at the University of Nottingham. He teaches Graduate Gospel Studies for WTC. After serving as a pastor and church planter for twenty years, he now attends Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship, an ‘Isaiah 58 church’, where his wife, Eden, is the lead pastor. Brad’s focus today is on writing accessible theology, facilitating ‘listening prayer’ seminars, and teaching college courses. His emphases are the Gospels, the theology of the Cross, and contemplative spirituality applied to prophetic justice. He is currently chair of the board of Soul Stream (www.soulstream.org) and associate editor of The Plain Truth magazine (www.ptm.org). Among Brad’s various books are Her Gates will Never be Shut: Hope, Hell and the New Jerusalem (Wipf and Stock, 2009), Fear No Evil: Breaking Free from the Culture of Fear (Fresh Wind, 2006), Kissing the Leper: Seeing Jesus in the Least of These (Fresh Wind, 2006), Can You Hear Me? Tuning in to the God who Speaks (Fresh Wind, 2003) and A More Christlike God, A More Beautiful Gospel (Plain Truth, 2015).

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Rev Bob Ekblad, PhD

Bob is a theologian and missionary. He has spent 25 years in international mission and is particularly passionate about working with the poor and ethnic minorities, as well as teaching on Mission and Social Justice Classes. Bob is an international speaker and has authored three books including Reading the Bible With the Damned (WJK, 2005). He founded the Tierra Nueva outreach ministry which ministers to prisoners and runs a social coffee farming project.

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Brian Doerksen WTCLive

Brian Doerksen and Michael Gungor – Lament and Christian Worship

With: Brian Doerksen and Michael Gungor.

Recently, musician Michael Gungor Tweeted this: “Approximately 70% of the Psalms are laments. Approximately 0% of the top 150 CCLI songs (songs most sung in churches) are laments.” In this WTCLive event we reflect with singer songwriter and worship leader Brian Doerksen on lament and Christian worship. Why has lament fallen out of favour? What do we lose when we lose lament? We will consider these questions and yours during this live-streaming event.


Brian Doerkson

brian_doerkson_bwBrian is a songwriter, recording artist, conference speaker and pastor. His songs known around the world in churches of all kinds include ‘Come, now is the time to worship’,  ‘Hope of the nations’,  ‘Faithful One’,  ‘Refiner’s Fire’, ‘Hallelujah (Your love is amazing)’, ‘Holy God’ & ‘The river’.

He has also completed a double album recording a musical (an 8 year writing process!) with Chrispher Greco (a playwright based in Boston) based on Luke 15 called ‘Prodigal God’. The musical take of two sons and one wastefully extravagant father.’ It’s the story of the prodical son and his father seen through the eyes of the elder brother. The musical features 23 new songs written or co-written by Brian.

Brian continues to make his church home at ‘The Bridge’ in Matsqui village in Abbotsford, which he helped plant in the spring of 2006. In September, Brian will begin directing a new ‘Music & Worship Arts’ programme at Prairie College in Alberta, Canada. He has also formed a new band called ‘The SHIYR Poets’ (pronounced ‘sheer’) with whom he is creating new settings for the ancient psalms (including laments!) and songs from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Michael Gungor

michael_gungor_bwMichael is lead singer-songwriter for the alt-folk collective Gungor. Imagine if a cello and a banjo had a baby, and then someone put a pedalboard and synthesizer in its crib. This is one way Gungor (rhymes with hunger) describes its musical sensibilities: alternative, folk, textured and experimental. The alt-folk collective- fronted by husband/wife team Michael  and Lisa- is now on a 60+ city headlining tour that travels across theaters and arenas in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Europe. Gungor’s music has received several Grammy  nominations, and their recent albums include Beautiful Things (2010), Ghosts Upon the Earth (2011), and I Am Mountain (2013).

See also this inspiring TheoMisc Blog series on Lament by Matt Lynch.

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