Why Study Theology? Reflections for the evangelical charismatic church

I remember very clearly, in my 30’s, realizing that I wanted to study theology at degree level. I had no idea that it would end with me doing a PhD, leading a college, writing books, and teaching. It hadn’t been a “career move”! I thought I was studying theology so that I’d be a better co-pastor with my husband and because I loved it. I also thought then that these were good enough reasons for all that study and investment, and I still think they are.

Chris Kugler WTCLive

Chris Kugler – The Image of God in Paul


This episode of WTCLive comes to you from the student pub at WTC’s student residential (September 2016). Lucy Peppiatt, Matt Lynch and Brad Jersak interview Chris Kugler on the various aspects of his thesis, which looks at the Image of God in Paul’s writings and how that relates to a Sacramental Anthropology and Image Monotheism. Chris is also involved in a broader discussion amongst current New Testament scholars on Divine Christology and he argues for the bringing together of a high Christology and a high anthropology in Paul’s letters.

Chris Kugler PhD Candidate
New Testament

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Biblical Languages, as well as two master’s degrees in Biblical Studies from Duke University and the University of St Andrews respectively. He is currently working on a PhD in New Testament at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, under N. T. Wright, where his research focuses particularly on Paul’s use of the Jewish and Greco-Roman imago Dei traditions in his Christology and theological anthropology. More broadly, his research interests include Jewish Monotheism, Jewish and Greco-Roman theological anthropology, Christology and Christian Origins. His primary passion is to help students encounter the New Testament in its rich and complex historical context. He is married to Katie Rae and both of them are based in Houston, Texas.

Rev. Brad Jersak PhD
New Testament and Patristics

Rev. Dr. Brad Jersak (Reader Irenaeus) is an author and teacher based in Abbotsford, Canada. He teaches New Testament and Patristics at WTC. After serving as pastor and church-planter for twenty years, he now travels for Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship and serves as reader at All-Saints Orthodox Monastery. Brad’s focus today is on writing accessible theology, facilitating ‘listening prayer’ seminars, and teaching college courses. His emphases are the Gospels, Cruciform theology , and contemplative spirituality applied to prophetic justice. He is currently editor of www.clarionjournal.com and senior editor Plain Truth Ministries (www.ptm.org).

Lucy Peppiatt PhD
Principal, Systematic Theology

Lucy has bachelor’s degrees in both English and Theology. She completed her MA in Systematic Theology at King’s College, London, and her PhD through the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Lucy is the author of Women and Worship at Corinth: Paul’s Rhetorical Arguments in 1 Corinthians. (Wipf and Stock, 2015); and The Disciple: On Becoming Truly Human. (Wipf and Stock, 2012). Lucy’s research interests are Christ and the Spirit, Charismatic theology, discipleship, and 1 Corinthians.

Matt Lynch PhD
Dean of Studies, Old Testament

Matt teaches Old Testament and serves as Dean of Studies at WTC. He recently moved from Germany, where he completed post-doctoral research on conceptions of divine supremacy in Persian period biblical literature. Matt is the author of Monotheism and Institutions in the Book of Chronicles (Mohr Siebeck, 2014) and various articles on the Old Testament. Matt is particularly interested in helping students grasp the theological and literary contours of the Old Testament, wrestle through its ethical and historical challenges, and understand its ongoing significance.

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Scot McKnight WTCLive

Scot McKnight – Have we misunderstood the meaning of ‘Kingdom’?

With: Scot McKnight, Lucy Peppiatt and Brad Jersak.

According to Scot McKnight, kingdom is the biblical term most misused by Christians today. It has taken on meanings that are completely at odds with what the Bible says and has become a buzzword for both social justice and redemption. In Kingdom Conspiracy, McKnight offers a sizzling biblical corrective on the meaning of kingdom and a fiercely radical vision for the role of the local church in the kingdom of God.

McKnight explains that kingdom mission is local church mission and that the present-day fetish with influencing society, culture, and politics distracts us from the mission of God: to build the local church. He also shows how kingdom theology helps to reshape the contemporary missional conversation. Kingdom Conspiracy will be valued by pastors, church leaders, students, and professors. Join Scot McKnight as he discusses this book with a panel of WTC faculty.


Scot McKnight, PhD

scot_mcknightScot earned a Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham. He is a is a world-renowned speaker, writer, professor and equipper of the Church.  He is a recognised authority on the historical Jesus, early Christianity, and the New Testament.  His blog, Jesus Creed, is a leading Christian blog.  A sought after speaker, he has been interviewed on several radio and television programs as well as spoken at numerous local churches, conferences, colleges, and seminaries in the United States and around the world.  Scot McKnight is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Society for New Testament Studies.  McKnight’s books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Portuguese. In addition to Kingdom Conspiracy, his books include The King Jesus Gospel (Zondervan, 2011), One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow (2010), The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible (Zondervan, 2008), A Community Called Atonement (Abingdon, 2007), and The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others (Paraclete, 2004).

Lucy Peppiatt, PhD

Lucy Peppiatt WTC PrincipalLucy is the Principal of WTC, and a lecturer in Systematic Theology. Lucy’s areas of research are Spirit Christology and Mission. She has written The Disciple: On Becoming Truly Human (Wipf and Stock, 2012) and Women and Worship at Corinth (Wipf and Stock, 2015). Lucy lives in Bristol with her husband, Nick Crawley, where they lead Crossnet Community. She has four sons, loves pastoring young people and students, and enjoys the good things in life.

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Rev Brad Jersak, PhD

Brad Jersak WTCBrad is an author and teacher based in Abbotsford, Canada. He earned his Ph.D. from Bangor University, Wales, and has completed post-doctoral research at the University of Nottingham. He teaches Graduate Gospel Studies for WTC. After serving as a pastor and church planter for twenty years, he now attends Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship, an ‘Isaiah 58 church’, where his wife, Eden, is the lead pastor. Brad’s focus today is on writing accessible theology, facilitating ‘listening prayer’ seminars, and teaching college courses. His emphases are the Gospels, the theology of the Cross, and contemplative spirituality applied to prophetic justice. He is currently chair of the board of Soul Stream (www.soulstream.org) and associate editor of The Plain Truth magazine (www.ptm.org). Among Brad’s various books are Her Gates will Never be Shut: Hope, Hell and the New Jerusalem (Wipf and Stock, 2009), Fear No Evil: Breaking Free from the Culture of Fear (Fresh Wind, 2006), Kissing the Leper: Seeing Jesus in the Least of These (Fresh Wind, 2006), Can You Hear Me? Tuning in to the God who Speaks (Fresh Wind, 2003) and A More Christlike God, A More Beautiful Gospel (Plain Truth, 2015).

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Buy Scot’s book here:

Kingdom Conspiracy

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Violence and God part 1

Iain Provan – Creation, Violence, and the God of the Old Testament (Part 1)

With: Iain Provan and Matt Lynch.

Our guest is Iain Provan of Regent College, Vancouver. This is an opportunity for you to engage with Matt Lynch and Iain Provan on some of the difficult issues pertaining to the way violence and God are portrayed in the Old Testament. Matt will also be discussing Provan’s recent book Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why it Matters (Baylor, 2014).


Iain W. Provan, PhD

Iain Provan RegentIain Provan is the Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College. He received his MA at Glasgow University in Mediaeval History and Archaeology, his BA from London Bible College in Theology, and his PhD from Cambridge. His academic teaching career took him to King’s College London, the University of Wales, and the University of Edinburgh, where he was a senior lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies. Dr. Provan has written numerous essays and articles, and several books including commentaries on Lamentations, 1 and 2 Kings, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs, and co-authored with Phil Long and Tremper Longman A Biblical History of Israel (John Knox Press, 2003). Most recently he released Against the Grain: Selected Essays (Regent College Publishing, 2015), Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters (Baylor University Press, 2014) and Convenient Myths: The Axial Age, Dark Green Religion, and the World that Never Was (Baylor University Press, 2013), and Discovering Genesis (SPCK, 2015). He is currently writing a book on Protestant biblical hermeneutics, projected for release in 2017.

Matt Lynch, PhD

Matt Lynch WTCMatt is an Old Testament scholar and the Dean of Studies at Westminster Theological Centre. His research interests include the theology of Isaiah and ethics in the Old Testament. Matt is the author of Monotheism and Institutions in the Book of Chronicles (Mohr Siebeck, 2014) and various articles on the Old Testament. Matt is particularly interested in helping students grasp the theological and literary contours of the Old Testament, wrestle through its ethical and historical challenges, and understand its ongoing significance. Matt is married, with two children.

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Theology and Sport WTCLive

Lincoln Harvey, Andrew Parker, and Brian Brock – Theology and Sport

With: Lincoln Harvey, Andrew Parker and Brian Brock.

What can be said about theology and sport in the same breath? As we enter another frenzied World Cup Season, should we give a rest to our theological concerns? No way! say these two theologians of sport. Sport intersects in some fascinating ways with a life of faith, work, and worship. If you think theology and sport is a strange brew, or want to see how theologians think about purportedly ‘non-theological’ subjects, join Matt Lynch for this WTCLive event (or watch it later).


Rev Lincoln Harvey, PhD

lincoln_harvey_bwLincoln is Lecturer in Systematic Theology at St Mellitus College, and author of the recent A Brief Theology of Sport (SCM/Cascade, 2014). He studied systematic theology at King’s College London under the supervision of Colin E. Gunton, on whose theology he has edited a collection of essays with T&T Clark (‘The Theology of Colin Gunton’). He was previously Tutor for Christian Doctrine at The South East Institute for Theological Education (SEITE), and has also taught on the MA programmes at King’s College London, where he continues to contribute to the AKC programme. He is also Associate Priest at St Andrew’s Fulham Fields, having served his curacy at St John-at-Hackney in East London.

Andrew Parker, PhD

andrew_parker_bwAndrew is Professor of Sport and Christian Outreach in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of Gloucestershire, and is the co-author of the recent Sport and the Christian Religion: A Systematic Review of Literature (2014). He is also the editor of three other books on sport, sociology and Christianity. Andrew leads the University of Gloucestershire’s suite of courses (Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma/MA) in Sport and Christian Outreach. He is also founding Director of the University’s Centre for Sport, Spirituality and Religion (CSSR). Andrew is a former physical education teacher and teacher-educator and also has experience of working in manufacturing industry. His research interests include: sport and social identity, sport and spirituality, physical activity and schooling, and broader issues of organisational behaviour and institutional relations.

Brian Brock, DPhil

brian_brock_bwBrian is a reader in the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. Brian’s teaching focuses on practical theology, ethics, and scriptural interpretation. He is the author of Christian Ethics in a Technological Age (Eerdmans, 2010) and Singing the Ethos of God: On the Place of Christian Ethics in Scripture (Eerdmans, 2007), and has edited several other books. In addition, Brian has written a recent article entitled ‘Discipline, Sport, and the Religion of Winners: Paul on Running to Win the Prize, 1 Corinthians 9:24-27,’ Studies in Christian Ethics 25/1 (2012): 4-19. Brian’s engagements with Christian doctrine and cultural hermeneutics are tied together by a third interest in the role scripture plays in God’s work of generating a people with a distinctive ethos.

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Public Christianity WTCLive

Dave Landrum, John Stackhouse, and David Gushee – Christianity in the Public Sphere (Part 1)

With: Dave Landrum, John Stackhouse and David Gushee.

The goal of this online WTCLive! event is to help Christians find their voice in the public spaces they inhabit. We need Christianity in the public sphere today – a mum’s group, a business, a school board, city council, a church, and so on – but also to reflect on the kind of voice (and listening ear!) we should have as Christians in a contested pluralistic society.


Dave Landrum, PhD

Dr. Dave Landrum has been director of advocacy at the Evangelical Alliance since June 2011, when he joined the Evangelical Alliance from his previous role as parliamentary officer for the Bible Society. Dave also serves on the board of directors of WTC. He has a first-class degree in contemporary politics and urban policy studies and a doctorate in politics and policy process in education. Well-respected in parliament, Dave’s passion is to see Christianity making an impact on society by being at the centre of political, cultural and economic life.

John G. Stackhouse Jr., PhD

Dr. John Stackhouse serves as Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor, Theology & Culture at Regent College, Vancouver. He has published more than 500 articles, book chapters, and reviews in the history, sociology, and philosophy of religion, in ethics, and in theology. He has authored seven books and co-authored, edited, or co-edited seven more, many of which address the place of Christianity and the public sphere.


David P. Gushee, PhD

Rev. Dr. David P. Gushee, a Christian ethicist, teacher, activist, and churchman, serves as Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University, Atlanta. His research interests focus on the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ and the Christian theological-ethical tradition, together with its contemporary implications for Christian discipleship and public witness. He has published sixteen books, with three more in development, and many hundreds of essays, book chapters, articles, reviews, and opinion pieces.

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