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Chris Kugler – The Image of God in Paul


This episode of WTCLive comes to you from the student pub at WTC’s student residential (September 2016). Lucy Peppiatt, Matt Lynch and Brad Jersak interview Chris Kugler on the various aspects of his thesis, which looks at the Image of God in Paul’s writings and how that relates to a Sacramental Anthropology and Image Monotheism. Chris is also involved in a broader discussion amongst current New Testament scholars on Divine Christology and he argues for the bringing together of a high Christology and a high anthropology in Paul’s letters.

Chris Kugler PhD Candidate
New Testament

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Biblical Languages, as well as two master’s degrees in Biblical Studies from Duke University and the University of St Andrews respectively. He is currently working on a PhD in New Testament at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, under N. T. Wright, where his research focuses particularly on Paul’s use of the Jewish and Greco-Roman imago Dei traditions in his Christology and theological anthropology. More broadly, his research interests include Jewish Monotheism, Jewish and Greco-Roman theological anthropology, Christology and Christian Origins. His primary passion is to help students encounter the New Testament in its rich and complex historical context. He is married to Katie Rae and both of them are based in Houston, Texas.

Rev. Brad Jersak PhD
New Testament and Patristics

Rev. Dr. Brad Jersak (Reader Irenaeus) is an author and teacher based in Abbotsford, Canada. He teaches New Testament and Patristics at WTC. After serving as pastor and church-planter for twenty years, he now travels for Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship and serves as reader at All-Saints Orthodox Monastery. Brad’s focus today is on writing accessible theology, facilitating ‘listening prayer’ seminars, and teaching college courses. His emphases are the Gospels, Cruciform theology , and contemplative spirituality applied to prophetic justice. He is currently editor of and senior editor Plain Truth Ministries (

Lucy Peppiatt PhD
Principal, Systematic Theology

Lucy has bachelor’s degrees in both English and Theology. She completed her MA in Systematic Theology at King’s College, London, and her PhD through the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Lucy is the author of Women and Worship at Corinth: Paul’s Rhetorical Arguments in 1 Corinthians. (Wipf and Stock, 2015); and The Disciple: On Becoming Truly Human. (Wipf and Stock, 2012). Lucy’s research interests are Christ and the Spirit, Charismatic theology, discipleship, and 1 Corinthians.

Matt Lynch PhD
Dean of Studies, Old Testament

Matt teaches Old Testament and serves as Dean of Studies at WTC. He recently moved from Germany, where he completed post-doctoral research on conceptions of divine supremacy in Persian period biblical literature. Matt is the author of Monotheism and Institutions in the Book of Chronicles (Mohr Siebeck, 2014) and various articles on the Old Testament. Matt is particularly interested in helping students grasp the theological and literary contours of the Old Testament, wrestle through its ethical and historical challenges, and understand its ongoing significance.

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