Tim Mackie – Biblical Studies and Christology

Tim Mackie - Biblical Studies and Christology

Tim Mackie – Biblical Studies and Christology

For our latest TheoDisc episode, Kenny and Lucy had a chat with Prof Tim Mackie at 24-7 Prayer’s ‘The Gathering’ in Belfast. They found out more about his journey from being purely a biblical scholar, to gaining a deeper understanding of Systematic Theology and looking at the early church fathers and mothers, and how it plays such a significant part in shaping and influencing our faith. Enjoy!

After years of ministry as a local church pastor, Tim now serves as the Chief Education Officer for BibleProject and is an adjunct professor at Western Seminary. Tim is fascinated with the literary artistry and design of the Bible, and he is committed to helping people understand how the whole story works together and leads us to Jesus.

Currently, Tim resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Jessica, and two rambunctious and amazing little boys. In all of his work, whether as a pastor or as a co-founder of BibleProject, he loves helping people understand how the overall biblical story works together and leads us to Jesus.

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Episode 6 Outline:
  • Start-01:20 – Introduction 
  • 01:24-05:01 – Welcome to Tim and 3 questions.
  • 05:01-09:33 – Lucy and Tim, how did you guys meet?
  • 09:33-18:05 – What are some of the conversations you’ve been having around Christology, particularly, and how have your disciplines of Systematics and Biblical Studies overlapped?
  • 18:05-25:56 – In the context of the Incarnation, what were people’s conceptions of God, particularly from an Old Testament perspective, and how did the person of Jesus influence them in that context?
  • 25:56-38:40 – Tim, what are your thoughts on the way in which the early church viewed Jesus’ incarnational nature and the church fathers who then defended a high Christology?
  • 38:40-46:29 – Tim talks about a big misconception he’d had about the early centuries of the church and how it became very personal for him. 
  • 46:29-50:48 – Kenny tries to wrap up the conversation… And then Tim and Lucy talk more about Christology, but in our different contexts today. Tim finishes by talking about where to start when attempting to read the church fathers.
  • 50:48-End – Close and further information
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Tim Mackie – Biblical Studies and Christology

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