Bob Ekblad – Christian Nationalism

Bob Ekblad - Christian Nationalism

Bob Ekblad – Christian Nationalism

In this conversation, we look at how Christian Nationalism is a present danger in the US and to some extent the UK in its pursuit of power and exclusion over love and service. We do hope you enjoy listening to our fifth episode of the TheoDisc Podcast!

Bob EkbladDr Bob Ekblad teaches missions and social justice at WTC. He is a theologian and missionary. He has spent 33 years in international mission and is particularly passionate about working with the poor and ethnic minorities. Bob holds a ThD in Old Testament. He is an international speaker and has authored five books including Reading the Bible With the Damned (WJK, 2005), A New Christian Manifesto (WJK, 2007), The Beautiful Gate (TPSP, 2017), and Guerrilla Gospel (TPSP, 2018). He founded the Tierra Nueva outreach ministry which ministers to and people affected by immigration, incarceration and addiction, and runs a social coffee farming project. Through Tierra Nueva, Bob and his wife Gracie run the Certificate for Transformational Ministry at the Margins.

Bob also has a podcast called Disciple. You can listen to it HERE.

Episode 5 Outline:
  • Start-01:20 – Introduction 
  • 01:24-04:30 – Welcome to Bob and 3 questions.
  • 04:30-07:31What do you mean when you talk about ‘Christian Nationalism’?
  • 07:31-12:04 – How do you see the idea of Christian Nationalism being played out in the USA, particularly in the church, at the moment?
  • 12:04-16:36 – How does assigning a divine value on a nation state affect how we view Jesus and his kingdom? How does the idea of justice fit into us exalting our nations? 
  • 16:36-19:23 – In what ways has Christian Nationalism united groups that were previously fairly divided?
  • 19:23-24:15 – Can we look at ways in which we can resist this notion that our nation’s future is wrapped up in the future of the Kingdom of God? How can we practically and prophetically speak and work against that?
  • 24:15-30:00 – Do you think that if our focus is on a centralised national power, does it pull us away from the margins where we see Jesus at work in the Gospels?
  • 30:00-End – Closing prayer and further information
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Bob Ekblad – Christian Nationalism

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