Welcome to Theological Miscellany

We’re delighted to be launching Theological Miscellany, a new blog by Westminster Theological Centre faculty and friends where we’ll be posting a variety of theological reflections on scripture, life, culture, politics, society, gender, and pretty much anything. WTC attracts a whole range of people as students and a wide range of faculty from around the world with different interests and theological leanings. What draws us all together is our commitment to a Christ-centred theology, taught in a Spirit-led fashion in partnership with the local church. We’re committed to serving the church by teaching theology that equips the whole people of God for life, discipleship, and mission. We are a college for anyone and everyone. It’s an exciting venture.

Theological Miscellany is just a place where we can post our latest thoughts and reflections, write about what we’re working on, or what we’re teaching on, as well as hosting a variety of contributors. Not everything you find on this blog will reflect all our own values at WTC.  It will be a place of discussion and debate, and a place to hear a variety of voices.

We hope you enjoy it. To subscribe enter your email address below.

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